Oxford St

Oxford Street has two very different sides.

SIDE 1 - 
  • close to Paddington 
  • known as the heart of the gay community 
  • reputed for its vibrant nightlife
  • both LBGT and heterosexual and bars, nightclubs, shops and a cinema 
  • heterosexual women often go to gay clubs/venues as they feeler safer and less threatened
  • Mardi Gras - famous annual LGBT parade and celebration which draws many locals and tourists
 The shops here are specialised in what they sell, are famous brand names and aimed towards those who shop for the label rather than price

On the other side it is seen as having no culture.

SIDE 2 -
  • little fast food take away shops with no dominant nationality or type of cuisine. 
  • old buildings showing signs of deterioration such as peeling paint. 
  • modern apartments encroaching from behind 
  • very busy and noisy being used as a thoroughfare for cars
There are many concerns surrounding Oxford Street. It is seen as being visually dirty and some families walking up from Hyde Park find the abundance in sex shops inappropriate. Also Taylor Square has had lots of money spent on renewing the place however has a dodgy reputation being used by drunks and the homeless.

Oxford Street is need of renewal and to defined as one culture or use. The LBGT community feel as though they are losing their corner in the city however it is a passage into the city for cars and is needed for transport. This is a major concern as since many of those clubbing end up drunk and it is not safe for them to be so close to a busy main road.