Hyde Park

Hyde Park (HP) is a large open green space between Elizabeth and College Streets. It is often used as
  •  a lunch spot by  workers  in surrounding offices o
  •  to relax because of the tranquil setting 
  •  a meeting point when traveling into the city.  

Many businessss workers gather here but it is also a tourist attraction drawing in many tourists, both international and interstate. 

However to the locals HP has a bad reputation of crime during night. At night HP is seen as a hotspot for youths, predators, drunks and homeless people. Tourists are warned not to walk in the park at night as a shortcut between the city and Oxford Street as alot of robberies occur there. 

The Residence and The Hyde - two new apartment blocks currently being constructed on the streets bounding HP. 

The Residence
  •  located on College Street
  • apartments sell for around $1.5 million
  • there are concerns over the construction of a modern tower conflicting with park and surrounding historic buildings
  • architects have attempted to include sandstone elements into the design
  • they're also using more glass instead of concrete -  for views and blend with surroundings.
This is an example of consolidation and urban renewal as The Residence was once an old police station. It also can been seen as an area of spatial exclusion as only the wealthy can afford to live there. 

DID YOU KNOW -  HP held Sydney's first women's public toilet built in 1910. This has now been demolished due to lack of use.