Surry Hills

Historically Surry Hills (SH)

  • known as a slum 
  • prostitution
  • gangs however 
HS was renewed in the 1980s and now has a very different reputation of the high class who perfer higher quality and more expensive choices in life. We are seeing a change in thinking with more small boutiques selling specialised goods and gourmet food rather than one stop supermarkets.

Surry Hills is also now a more environmentally conscious suburb

  • new eco friendly library
  •  limited car spaces causing people to use more scooters or small compact cars
  • pocket parks 
  • roads lined with trees. 
It is also pushing for a stronger community spirit with with the monthly markets and annual community events such as the Surry Hills Festival.

Surry Hills has been subjected to gentrification with many new building continuing the small terrace style in architecture, colour and themes. There are no tall buildings which disturb the style of the suburb and signage/advertising has been kept low key.

However Surry Hills also has problem situations. There are many refugees to support those with hard lives such as houses for women, troubled or runaway children (OASIS) and homeless people.

Despite this Surry Hills is a suburb for the wealthy with small terraces selling at around $1.2 million each.