Waterloo was previously industrial with many factories and warehouses. Parts continue to be industrial today but there are also many apartment building developments being constructed in the area. These apartments have new facilities all located within walking distance.
  • gym
  • pool
  • alternate transportation
  • dry cleaners
  • shopping centre (coles)
  • cafes and restaurants
Many choose to live here as it
  • is quiet with strategies focused on reducing use of cars
  • has wide green open parks used for communal activities 
  • has a high level of security with the use of key cards and guards.

Those who choose to live here are reasonably well off. It consists mainly of international students from wealthy families studying in Australia, the elderly who have retired and prefer the security and convenience and families, who want their children to grow up in a safe protected environment.

The apartments are built with a large use of glass which allow the view from the outside world, sunlight and is more stylish and modern.

A few of the old structures are heritage listed and so have to stay in place such as a brick chimney whereas others have had parts relocated and on display such as the Grissell Building. Waterloo is an example of consolidation and renewal. It also shows a shift in Australian attitude and a want for secure communities being close to being considered a gated community with the level of security.